Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alaska Trip 11

It was so fun! I cannot wait until I go back, again! I love Alaska!
Anyways, we left Santa Clara around 4:30PM and drove to SJC. We checked in and everything, then we waited for our flight. We walked to Starbucks to buy drinks, then when we got back, Ate Den was there <3 Then our plane was ready to board, so we got first class. Well four of us. My aunt, my mom, my cousin, and I sat in first class. It was the best. Haha, my cousin and I played thirteen. Then we got Salmon Cream Cheese with garlic bread, it was the best!! It was soo good. Haha, then we arrived in Seattle, sat there and bought keychains. I got one that says, "Seattle" Haha, then we boarded, we had a three hour flight to Anchorage! I couldn't sleep so I just wrote stories and everything. Then we got there, and got picked up by Kuya Marc and Uncle Mike :) We rode with Kuya Marc and stopped by McDonald's to get Chicken Nuggets. Then we drove home. On the way home, we saw a Moose at someone's front yard!! It was a Baby Moose, but it was huuge! Haha, then we got home and ate. Then we played XBOX Kinect =)
DAY1: At 2AM, were pkaying Kinect. 2 - 7AM we played Kinect. Then at 7:30, I watched Zombieland. Then I fell asleep and awoke at 12. Haha, then everyone got ready. We drove to Bear Tooth Theatre Pub. We watched Megamind 3D. It was soo funny! Haha, we also ordered pizza! It was hella good, but hard to slice -_- Haha, then we drove home =)
DAY2: We drove around the mountains, saw the frozen ocean. Then we stopped by this place, and we saw animals! Then on the way home, we stopped by a gas station to get food, their hotdog is hella good! Haha, then we drove to the Mall and I bought stuff. I bought 6 things and paid 75$. Two of them were shoes too. Good shit =) Then we drove home.
DAY3: We woke up early because my sister said we had to get ready by 10. We were gonna go sledding, but her co-worker woke up late, so we went at 12. While waiting, I watched Pretty Little Liars. Then we went. We went to this park and went sledding there. It was so fun! We went the highest we could go, and sled down. On the way dow, my face was totally covered in snow! My face got so red, and it felt numb. Haha, then we raced, made snow angels, and took pictures! Then after, we ate Pho. It was pretty good :) Then we drove to Mavi's house and we drove to Long John Silvers x KFC to buy Mavi and Padi food. We ended up paying like 50$!! Dang! Haha, then we dropped them off at their work, their car is broken. Then we stopped by Galactica. Haha, nice ass house. We got to play with Kobe =) And we saw a moose!!
DAY4: We didn't really do much. We stayed home. Ate Den had school and work, Kuya Marc had work, and the adults went out. So it was just us kids. Haha, we played Kinect most of the time. Then my sister got home and we made Shrimp Tempura! It was so good! We also made Brocoli, sweet yam, and Oreos! Haha, we made a restaurant style for the adults. It was fun! Haha =) It literally looked like a restaurant. Haha, then after we played Kinect. We made the adults play! Fun!
DAY5: We went to Alyeska Ski Resort!Then we all got ready and drove! I fell asleep on the ride there. Haha, we got there and the resort was so pretty. We paid for the TRAM ride with lunch. Haha, we got on the TRAM, it was soo cool! We went on top of the Mountain. Then we watched the Snowboarders and Skiiers. Haha, then we ate. I got a turkey sandwich. It was soo good! Then after we went down. Haha, then we changed and got ready to leave. I fell asleep on the drive home too. We stopped by Prominence Pointe, the big houses on the mountains, they were so big and hella pretty! Hella nice! I wanna live there! But they're 1.2 Million Dollars!! Haha, then we drove home :)
DAY6: Woke up and watched Shameless. HELLA FUNNY! I love it! Haha.We were supposed to eat at Benihana's, but it was closed. So we decided to eat at Red Robins! YUM! Haha, it was good. I ordered pasta. Yummy. Hella expensive though -_- Then we drove to the mall. Haha, my mom bought me a shirt and a cardigan. Total: 8DOLLARS. Ohyeah. Haha. Then we drove home, got ready, and packed. I ate noodles with AJ, our last food in AK :( Then we left. We stopped by McKenzie to say bye to Auntie Becky and Kobe and Kookie. Then off to the airport. We checked in, bought McDonald's, then boarded. Kuya Marc went with us because he wanted to go to LA, but Ate Den couldn't come because she had work :( Then we boarded. Flew to Seattle in hours. I just ate, wrote, and played with iPad. Then we arrived in Seattle. We were stuck for hours and waited for our next flight. We looked for plugs to charge our phones, laptops, and other stuff. Then finally, we boarded. We departed later, I don't know why, but I just slept.
Haha, then at 9AM, we arrived. We were gonna take a cab home, but shit costs fucking 45 dollars. Hell no. So my mom, cousin, and sister took a smaller cab home. Then my aunt, cousin, and I waited for my uncle to come and pick us up. Finally we got home.
That's how my winterbreak went :) It was the best. I love Alaska!

Monday, February 21, 2011

So, today was fun. We drove around the mountians. It's beautiful! We saw the frozen ocean. Then we drove through this place to see animals. We saw moose, bears, bald eagles, elks, etc. Haha, then we drove to the glacier, but it was gone :( Then ocean was frozen, then we walked on it! Haha, then we drove home, then to the mall. I bought 4 outerwears and two boots. Amazing! Haha, okay, good night!


So you're being a bitch right now because I bet your friend made you mad? So you bitch at your family? Aight, cool. Your attitude is so, ugh. Stop being so bossy and git yo' ass up. Fuu -_-

Saturday, February 19, 2011

So I'm going to Alaska today. I'm kind of excited, but at the same time, not really. Haha, whatever, I'll have fun. And I'll make the best of it. So yesterday was pretty fun, it was a minimum day. But it didn't feel like a minimum day. The classes felt like it's the same. I guess it's because of the regular school work. It'd feel like a regular day if we basically had free time, and it wasn't raining. It's whatever. Haha, so afterschool, we had dance practice. Partner dance, haha =) Then after, we just played games. Then when everyone left, we Sylvia, Shaun, Peter, Raymond, & I just stood there for like thirty minutes trying to figure out what to do. Then we all ended up going home. I walked home with Shaun, providing him an umbrella. I told him I'd walk him home, but he didn't let me. He said he had a hood. And I argued back and said, "Your hood isn't gonna do anything!" then he says, "Yeah, it rain proof!" Then I said, "It's water proof. And you'll get sick." Then he said, "Well, I'm already sick anyways." So I guess that was the last time we'd see each other, until I get back. Then I got home, and bored. I watched The Social Network. It was pretty good. Haha, then I found out that we were leaving on Saturday afternoon, so I was so mad because I couldn't go to my friend's party. Sucks. Then I packed. I hope my friends have fun bonding though.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

So I haven't been here for like years! HAHA, hello, blogger!