Sunday, May 31, 2009


LOL, so yesterday I went to Great Mall with Sylvia, Janell, & Robert. LOL, It was hecka funnyy. I'm too lazy to be descriptive right naa. So just read my tumblr if you wanna know what happened. Haha.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Heeey, its Janell, cause Im hella cool
Friggin, Sylvia is retarted like fasho. And Mathew and Christian are like watching stupid videos. And The Teen Center crew are watching beat boxing and then Sylvia friggin tried to beat box. DUDE, I feel retarted Im like typing hella slow. Shieet nggga, I dnt know what Imma do tomorrow or the threeday weekend. BLAHBLAHBLAH, I wanna make this long just like the blog gah, but then the teen center is gonna close soon. Crap ohehmgee i dnt know what to type. Lets type up random stuff. Like today we talked and it was pretty cool. Shiet, Imma make a longer one some day, but Imma bounce, so peace out ngga


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today was fun. Great America with Sylvia, Linh, Vanessa, Francesca, & Suvada.

I have more pictures with Vanessa, mostly, but I'm just lazy to upload them.
Mmhm. Funfunfun. I'm hungry, bored, and tired.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fourteenth Birthday(:

Today's my birthday! I'm fouteen. LOL, today was okay. Janell came to my house and hung out then we picked up Sylvia at her house. Then we were off to Crazy Buffet. It was funny cos Janell&Sylvia tried to smash Pudding in my face. My Mom put fricken ice cream on my cheek! Wtheck! LOL, then we went to Morning Glory and bought my phone thingy. Then went to Janell's house for awhile. Then got picked up and went to the Mall. Pretty lame cos I didn't buy anything. I'll just buy clothes next week with Sylvia&Vanessa. And we'll take pictures. LOL, then we went to some Asian place and bought stuff. Then Taco Bell. LOL, then went home. Now I'm home. LOL, blahblah.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Week (:

Monday was ehh, okay. Nothing special. Boring!

Star Testing started. Ugh, it was okay. LOL. After school we ran to El Pollo Loco cos they gave away free chicken. LOL,

Star Testing. PE they made us walk the half mile. The fuck. LOL. After school, we picked up Shaun. it was funny because when we got there, no ones home. And 3MINS later, Him&His Mom comes. LOL. Then we walked at the bus stop and waited for like 30MINS cos we missed the other bus. LOL, then we went to Taco Bell, Me&Sylvia bought Crunchwrap with Tacos & Drink. We got BAJA BLAST MOUNTAIN DEW! It was good XD Then we made Shaun&Vanessa eat our tacos cos they never eat anything everytime we go walk somewhere to eat. LOL, my Crunchwrap got fucked up. LOL. Then we went to the Library and worked on our Science shit. I got bored. Shaun was bored so we left. Vanessa got picked up while the three of us took the bus. Shaun was just quietly sitting at the Bus Stop bench while me and Sylvia argue bout stupid random stuff. LOL. Then we all walked to the random spot where we were when it was raining. I wanted to leave Sylvia phoneless but we all got too busy talking. So yeah. Haha.

Nothing special. LOL, stayed at school. Got punched on my thigh by Mathew. Sylvia was freaking out cos Trung kept following her. We went to Janell's house. And I got picked up.

Uhh, pretty lame cos I had Doctor's Appointment. I weigh 96LBS. and my height is 5"3. Mhm, LOL. Then I got Yogurt Works! The El Pollo Loco. Lawls.

Daaamn, today was helllla fun nigga! First Sylvia came over. Then we hung out for a while. Then Janell came. We ate then hung out for a while. Then we all took off to the bus stop. Waited about 30MINS >:O! Then got to the Movies. Waited bout 20MINS until Brandon showed up. Then Raymond shows up. Then Me,Sylvia,Raymond,&Brandon walked to Micro Center then walked around and shit. When we went to the Apple Room thing, Raymond&Brandon ditched us! We were making videos with a Clouds & Roller Coaster background! Then we walked back to Jamba Juice and saw Christine & Vanessa (: Then we all bought our tickets. Then Tom shows up (= Then Shaun shows up. Then Linh showed up! Then Melvin shows up. LOL Last person to show up was Brian Pacheco! I carried a lot of stuff today. Ugh, then we all watched the movie, Obsessed. It was weird cos everyone kept looking at me and Shaun. Then when the part where Beyonce & the white chick were fighting, Tom was hella yelling. "GO BEYONCE!" "She did not just hit Beyonce!" and other stuff. LOL, then after the movie, we all stood by the bathroom then the security dude were hella eyeballing us. LOL, then he made us move in front. And still eyeballing us! Then all of the sudden he shows up and kicked us out. Stupid bitch. Then we all went to In N Out and we didn't eat. Only Christine, Vanessa, Linh, Brian, Brandon, Melvin, Tom, & Raymond. LOL, then fucken Sylvia 'CUPCAKED' me. She kinda failed cos she 'Cupcaked' my right cheek. Fricken Sylvia. Then after everyone was done eating they all sang! Ahh, I was hiding. LOL, then we all got outside and hung out there. Then all of the sudden, Sylvia starts screaming. Shaun 'Frosted' her nose (x then I tried to get revenge on Sylvia but then I just randomly 'Frosted' Tom on the cheek then it all started. Frosting Fight. LOL, Shaun got frosting on his black shirt. Deeng. LOL, then me&Sylvia walked/ran to In N Out to wash out our faces. Then yeah, everyone else was done 'Frosting' each other. Raymond left. Then Chrisitne & Melvin left. Fucking Brian broke the bowl thingy though. Stupid bitch. Then Janell was writing "S+F" on the floor then "S+T" then Sylvia started spitting on it. Then Janell ran to the light stuff and pretended to write "S+T" but she was actually writing "S+F" then Sylvia started freaking out. Then Janell ran to the other light thingy and wrote "S+T" then I was like "RUN JANELL!" then yeah. It was funny. Then picture times. Group Picture then they were all forcing me and Shaun to do this and that for the picture. Helllooo, were not the only couple 0.0 There's BRIAN&LINH too! Geeze. LOL, but we got some pretty cute and nice pictures. Then Tom left. Then Sylvia, then Shaun had to leave then Brian. So it was only Me,Janell,Vanessa,Brandon,Linh,&Francesca. We all walked to In N Out to eat my cake from Brian LOL, then we were all talking and stuff. Then Vanessa left. Then Me,Janell&Francesca got picked up. And we lefft Linh&Brandon. LOL, blaah. Now I'm home. LAME. TOMORROW is my BDAY(: Fourteen!
Aight, peace (:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fuck off bitches.

Okay, I don't know why the fuck you people are fucking butting in this shit. It's not your argument so you have to stay out of this shit. You people are fucking making this shit worse. So what if Shaun wouldn't talk to you? Does he have to talk you you people? Does it matter? What if he doesn't wanna talk? You can't fucking force someone to fucking talk to you. Just fucking stay out of this. Let Chi and Shaun do their thing do you have to make a fucking group arguing with me and Vanessa? Do you have to gather everyone up? No you don't. And why the fuck do you guys hate Shaun so much? What the fuck did he ever do to you people? Just cos he wouldn't talk to you? Just cos he's shy? The fuck bitch. Just fucking forget this shit. I'm fucking tired of this drama you bitches are causing. You bitches are making Shaun sound so mean and a fag. Well he's not a fucking fag okay. Give me fucking TEN reasons why the fuck you think he's a fag. And I bet that you faggots can't even do that cos you don't have a fucking reason. So all you motherfuckers who pissed me off today, fuck off. Bcos you don't even fucking know Shaun. And the fuck is this? "What so Shaun's the girl and you're the dude in your relationship?" What the fuck, what I can't defend my own fucking boyfriend? You bitches are just butting in this fucking situation. Chi, he didn't even piss me off today. And he's the one who usually pisses me off the most bout this topic. And I'm pretty surprised that Chi didn't do anything to piss me off today. But all you bitches pissed me off today. All you bitches, I think you know who the fuck you are, should just shut the fuck up and let this shit go. Gosh, just cos he wouldn't talk to you doesn't mean you can call him a fucking pussy. He says HI too you know. He just doesn't talk that much bcos he doesn't know what to talk about. Why the fuck can't you start the fucking conversation? Maybe he'll fucking talk to you bitch. He's not always quiet like he can't talk. Nigga he talks okay. He's not like a motherfuckin person who doesn't fucking understand English. Why the fuck can't you just stay out of this? Do you have to make it worse? The fuck let it go bitches. Cos this arguing shit is pointless. What is this gonna prove? Nothing bitch. God, why can't you just accept the fact that the boy is quiet. I can't deal with you bitches anymore. Seriously, forget this shit. You don't need to go round saying "Yeah Shaun's a fucking fag you know. He won't talk to me" and shit. God, just fuck off niggas. I'm done with this crap. Whatever you say, I'll just ignore your shit and do nothing bout it. In fact, I may be even ignore you. Just fuck off bout it aight. God, seriously, this arguing shit leads to nothing! IT'S FUCKING POINTLESS! So forget bout it niggas.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ngga fuck you.

Yesterday was fun. School then the Carnival.
First period, last day for Astronomy Research. Good thing I finished. Second period, stapled papers 0.0 LOL. Third period, we had a gay worksheet shiet. Fourth period, Vocabulary shiet. Fifth period, presentations. Sixth period, Badminton with Chantel (: Chantel is so awesome. I love her. She's like my P.E Buddie nawmean. Then after we had a star rally shiet bout Star Testing. I participated in the trivia game, teachers won though. They had hella easy questions! No fair. Like "Spell 'SHAWTY WAT YO NAME IS!'" Hella easy nigga. Ours is math and shiet. Me&Antony Yu were the 8th Graders, and we were really loud and yelling. LOL, then yeah.

Janell, Christine, Sylvia, Vanessa, Linh & Me walked to Janell's house to drop off our stuff. Linh was carrying Chi's shiet and I was carrying Roger's Backpack, Then we chilled there for a while. It was crazy cos Eriza was yelling at Janell. Hella crazzzy. Then we all walked back to school for the carnival. Then we got our wristbands. Christine&Sylvia left us to go on a ride. Me&Vanessa were waiting for her mom and Shaun. Then while waiting, we were watching that 3000 ride thing. Then we were with Cindy too. Then she left, me&Vanessa walked in front to wait for her mom and Shaun. LOL, then Shaun came Vanessa told us to get Shaun's wristband and she'll come later. Then when Shaun got his wristband, we went in. It was crazy, when everyone saw me walking with Shaun they were hella looking at him. Especially Chi, he was hella mugging him. FUCK YOU CHI. Then we went on the ride. the ferris wheel that goes upsidedown. That's hella gay maynee. Then we went on some other rides. Then after Vortex, Fucking Chi went up to us and started yelling at Shaun. Then Vanessa yelled at him and he pushed her like hella. WHO FUCKIN PUSHES A GIRL YOU MOFO. Then yeah, at night, I got chased by Melvin, Steven, Brian, Mathew, Chris, & Trung. They were all attacking me. Mathew was attacking my legs with his U.S.A inflatable thingy and so was Melvin & Steven. Trung was just chasing me and sliding so he can make me fall. Chris was attacking me with a fricken plastic sword thing. Yeap, and it was hella cold.
Nigga fuck you Chi. I fucking hate you. Everyone hates you. Why the fuck you mugging Shaun nigga. And why the fuck were you mugging me. You said Shaun's an ass cos he was mugging you? You don't like it when people mugs you but you like to mug people. Nigga what the fuck is your problem. Why you gotta be like this? I thought you were cool, we were cool bitch. Now were not cos you're being a fag. We used to be hella close and now were not. Why the fuck do you wanna beat Shaun's ass? Cos he was mugging you? That's it? Nigga he wasn't mugging you fucker. You don't even know what the fuck happened. What if he was looking at someone else? What if he's just really like that? Huh? You ain't got no proof that he was fucking mugging you nigga. And you ain't got no fucking proof that he was fucking talking shit bout you. And you calling us liars? Just to protect Shaun's ass? Were not fucking lying to you bitch, he never talked shit bout anyone in Cabrillo aight, and you go round accusing him that he was fucking talking shit bout you. And why the hell you gotta push girls around huh? What the fuck, what kind of a fucking guy pushes girls out of his way? FAGGOTS. that's right, I called you a faggot, whatchu gonna do bout it nigga, I don't give a shiet if you read this crap. I don't give a shiet if you fucking beat my ass. In fact, I don't give a fuck about you anymore. So whatever you wanna do, I don't care. Jump off a building, I don't care. Your being a bitch, what the fuck. Pushing Christine & Vanessa, nigga fuck you. And don't call any of us girls names cos we know you just wanna start shiet with us. You saw Mathew, he was hella chill when he saw Shaun, and he's the one who started this shiet. And you're just trynna be cool. You just started hating on him cos Mathew was hating on him. Do you have to fucking follow the fucking crowd? Why the fuck can't you just drop this shiet. So what if he mugged you? Who cares? It's just mugging. You were hella mugging all of us. And don't think that I will accept your fucking apology because I'm not gonna. I'm glad that you're fucking moving. Why can't you just drop this shit? Huh? Is it really that hard to drop it? No it's not. And if you think that he talked shiet bout you, he didn't. Who cares if someone judges you? And you said that I don't fucking yell at Mathew when he talks shiet bout Shaun just cos I liked him. And I fucking yell at you when you talk shit. Nigga I yell at him aight. You don't even know what's happening. I fucking yell at him. I yell at Trung too. What the fuck, just cos I liked Mathew doesn't mean you can go yell at me and say that. NIGGA YOU NEED TO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. You're hella late to the news bitch. I yell at Mathew for talking shit okay, the reason we're still friends is cos he doesn't take this shiet way to far. You take this shiet way to far. And the way you fucking yell at me, Mathew doesn't yell at me the way you do. You know why? Cos he's a gentlemen and you're not. And we're still friends cos of that nigga. You see how close we still are. And yes, Mathew said he was gonna beat him up, but did he? Did he beat Shaun up? I don't think so nigga. He's hella chill the day he saw Shaun. And your all pissed and mugging us. You hella piss me off. I wish you'd just walk away from my life. I'm throwing all our memories away. Bcos I don't wanna keep memories with you. You we're hella cool last year, and now what? You're accusing that someone was mugging you and talking shit bout you. And pushing, yelling, & spitting at girls? What the fuck. Nigga you're not a gentlemen. Fuck you bitch. Go to hell, I fucking hate you. I wish I'd never see you again. I'm happy that you're moving, I'm not gonna have to deal with your shit in Highschool. I hope you fucking get what you're doing to us right now in highschool nigga. Sooner or later, you're gonna come up to Shaun and apologize and say that you got your facts wrong. And go up to us girls, who you fucking pushed and yelled at, and say sorry. Well guess what, WE'RE NOT FUCKING ACCEPTING YOUR APOLOGY! That's what you get for fucking doing this to us. KARMA'S A BITCH nigga. You'll get what you deserve. Cos you can't go accusing someone and start to mug or talk shiet bout them in highschool, you'll get your ass beaten. You can continue this crap if you want, but I'm stopping it. I'm tired of your crap. I can't deal with you anymore. You're killing me, you give me headaches, you piss me off. I'm tired of you. I'm done. I'm never gonna talk to you unless you go up to me and call me a B!TCH or talk shiet bout Shaun. Cos nigga you know I will fucking defend Shaun. And you know that I will yell at you. No matter what, I will always defend Shaun even though I've known you longer than Shaun. I don't care, I will defend him and not you. You know why? I think you do, its cos you're being a bitch and pushing Christine and Vanessa. Nigga you do that again, I fucking swear. If you wanna beat Shaun up, you have to deal with me first. Beat me up if you want, I don't give a shiet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hi Sylvia and Christine xp

HIIII! LOL, I'm with Sylvia and Christine at the teencenter computer lab :O!
What's up world!!!
Oh I thought you said Kanye West.

LOL, byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break (x

Blahblah. My spring break was pretty boring. April 11&12; Saturday&Sunday, all I did was stay home and do nothing. It was so boring. Then I went to some place. And I also watched THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR! LOL, I love Private and Mort! LOL, then Monday, I went to Sylvia's house! We playeed RockBand with my Band xp. Our band's name is WhatevsJoeMomma. LOL, it was pretty funny. Then we ate food. Linh and I made oatmeal. But my oatmeal was a failure DX Ahaha, if you wanna know what happend, read Janell's tumblr. LOL, then Tuesday, I stayed home again. Wednesday, Janell's house at 8:00AM. Then Sylvia came, we played Monopoly. Then it got boring. So we played UNO! I wonn! Then we cooked Corned Beef, Lumpia (: and some sausage thing. And Me and Sylvia cooked the rice. It turned out gooood! Then we ate. Then we played The Game Of Life. LOL, then we went to Chi's party. Yay, LOL. We just hung out there. They were arguing about stupid stuff. It was pretty funny. LOL. Then we ate cake. Roger caked Chi(: Hehehe. Then before Me and Sylvia left, we gave everyone a hug. LOL, Chi first, then Wing, then Melvino, then Jessica, then Janell, then Christine. Last was Roger, he gave me a really tight bearhug thingy. He was choking me too. Then he fell on Christine. Haha, then I got home. Lala, then Thursday, nothing, again. Just texted haha. Then Friday, I went to Great America with Sylvia, Eunice, and Melissa. Then we met up with Ceara and Linh. Then we went on the Rip Roaring Rapids ride, Melissa was the one who got hella soaked. I barely got soaked. Only my back was wet. Last time all of us got hella wet. LOL, then we met up with Melvin and Nick. Haha. It was funny. Then I went home. Ate foood. Go online. And yeeeah. LOL, then Saturday stayed home .____________. hella gay and boring. Then today, stayed home too. Watched The Penguins Of Madagascar and SpongeBob and other Nickelodeons shows. Then I was just texting Brian, Sylvia and Shaun (= Yay, Shaun is back! From Japan! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay xp What made my spring break hella lame was when Shaun wasn't here. Pretty lonely. And right now, I'm blogggging. Watching iCarly and texting Brian. LOL, ITS FUCKING HOT!!!!! I feel like jumping in a cooold pool! Deeeng, hella hot today!
Anyways, I have a picture of Mort. I really like Mort, hes so cute(; Haha, I love his Big Eyes and how he's so small and his funny voice. Well tomorrow we have school. Haha, what really brigthen my day was when Shaun texted me. LOL. Okay, imma go eat some pizzzza and watch tv now. LATEE!
-Frances xp

Friday, April 10, 2009

Todaay (=

It was okay. Blahblah, first period we had Ms. Lamb for sub, she's cool. Haha, I was eating my Fruit Roll Up in that class. We had to do a gay ngga shiet packet. Haha, then second period, all I did was make signs again. Well first I finished my cover page. Then signs. Then third period, all we did was gay bellwork, check homework and a gay quiz. Fricken CHRIS texted me and saying "What did you get for 10?" and other shiet like that. Then fourth period, we went to the library to watch some play bout the Civil War. Then after, the dude shot his musket thingy mablob in the air. IT WAS HELLA LOUD, and stinky. Then lunch. We ate Pizza. Yum, then fifth period, we did a fricken packet test thing. I just copied Aaron :D He's hella cool. Then I was mostly talking and copying. Then sixth period, we watch a BasketBall game. Students vs. Staffs. Dayum, Staffs won. Our BBall team hella sucks! Then afterschoool, I was beatin Trung up then we went to the teen center. Then we just sat there. Then we played Scavenger Hunt Musical Chairs. It was funny. All I needed was a fucking HAT! But they there were only THREE guys with hats. I was like "WHO HAS A FUCKING HAT!?!" then I lost. So sad. Then my hand started bleeding cos they said "A Toilet Paper" then I ran to the BRoom, got some ngga toilet paper and scratched my fucken hand hard. It started bleeding. Then after we just ate. Then walked to Janell's house. And ate Waffles & Fettuccine. Deeeng it was good. Then we walked back to the teen center and showed off my Easter Egg thingy from Julius. Haha, then I asked everyone if I was stupid, all the guys said YEAH!! then all the girls said NO. LOL, then yeah. My mother picked me up. Then went to Costco and I printed out the pictures with my friends from my phonne. So yeah. It was a long day.
Arright, Imma bounce, LATE!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

So today,

It was okay. First period we had to do some research bout Astronomy. Then Second period I barely did anything, so lame. Third period, its always the same. Same people, same stuff, same math shiet. B O R I N G ! ! LOL, fourth period we went to the compoopter lab. To type our poem shiett. Andrey and Mathew said that I talked too much. That I wouldn't stop. THAT'S A LIE!!! LMAO! Fifth period, same thing. Sixth period, we played Badminton. Haha, it was okay. I guess. Then afterschool we were just running around. I bought String Cheese and Rice Krispies. When I opened my Rice Krispies, I got attacked by fucken Brian, Anthony, and Melvin. Fatasses. Ughh. I barely had some. LOL, then we took hellla pictures. It was funn. Then we all hung out at the teen center. I was just making signs for people's binder. Then when they saw me making one, they were all like "OOOH, MAKE ME ONE!" So I made them one. LOL, then after we just talked blah blah. Then yeah. I'm kinda sad cos Shaun Ino is at Japan right now. So sad :| Anyways, tomorrow it Friday. Yeeeee! But Shaun is not gonna be there! :(
Aiiggghht, peace my niggas (:
-Frances <3

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

(: Todaaay!

Today was aiight. I got helllllllla mad today though. I hella beat up Trung today. Everyone pissed me off. Like hellaaa pissedd. I fucking hate most of the guys at my schooool :| They all wanna beat up Shaun for no reason. Their reason is "Cos he called Trung a fucken retard." That's soooo fucking retarded. Everyone calls him a fucken retard. Even the guys who wwants to beat Shaun up. They're hella over reacting. Like seriously. Chimichunga calmed me down. Anyways, a hugeee crowd of asian guys were following us cos they thought we were meeting Shaun. Then we called them Stalkers so they walked back. They're hella pissing me off. Fucking gay ass homos. Gawd, seriously, they have issues. They wanna beat up an innocent guy for no reason. NO FUCKEN GOOD REASON. Niggaas.

Anyways, when Shaun came, good thing Mathew left. Cos he's the only one who really wants to beat him up. Others are just trrynna back him up. And others just wanna watch. And others just wanna look fucking cool like fucken gayass Trung. Then when he came, we walked to Wienerschnitzel's. If that's how you spell it. Then we ate, and laugh. Then we walked back and sat there and talk and talk blah blah. And this Justin dude was like totally pressuring Shaun. Haha. Then that, he asked me out. Now we're going out (: And I'm not gonna let those bitches touch him. They're fags! Total fags. Shaun Ino is a Fine Ass Guy [=
Aiight, peace nggas.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Funny Shiett!
Franniee Loves Shaunniee (:

ME:Fucken Shaun better not fall asleep on me. Againnn
Sylvia: LOL
ME:Were stying up like till 1:30
Sylvia: Whatttt?
Sylvia: thats so late!
ME:Oh deeengg, did that sound wrong
ME: ?
Sylvia: LOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!111
Sylvia: Kindaaaa
Sylvia: AHahhahahha
ME: Why does everything we talk bout sound wrong!!!
Sylvia: IDK
Sylvia: cause its mant to be!
Sylvia: ment8
ME: Meant!

Shaun:I'll let you do it on Wednesday.
ME:Okay, I'll let you do mine.

Trung: Do you have a comb Frances?
ME: No, cos I hate you.
Trung: Ehh! Come on, I'll buy you a cookie!
ME: I don't want your stupid Cookie!
Mathew: That's so old Trung, nobody wants your damn cookie
Trung: I'll buy you Jemmba Juice!
ME: What the hell is a Jemmba Juice!?
Mathew: There's no such thing as a Jemmba Juice dumbass.

ME: I want M&M's
Vanessa: Then go buy some.
ME: I will!
Sylvia: Oh, get the ones with PEEEEENUTSS!
Vanessa: HAHA! Yeah, get the ones with Nuts.
Sylvia: And eat it while your thinking of him.

Me:Shaun is NOT Gray!
Mathew: Shaun is HELLA Gray!
Me:Shaun is NOT Gray!
Mathew: Ima beat his @$
Me: No your not. Cause I will bite you
Mathew: Then me and chris will jump you.
Me: Why do you hate Shaun so much? Are you jealous of him?
Mathew: Why would I be jealous of a gay fag?
Me: Shaun is not gay and a fag! And yes you are jealous of him!
Mathew: Shaun is gay and a fag! And no I'm not.
Me: No he's not. And yeah you are.


So today. It was okay.. First period was science. And we're doing a research about Astronomy. Then second period was publications. Ughh, I hate that class! But we got Powdered Donut Holes today. I only got 2. Fucking AJ and Lili are fucking fatasses and ate most of it. Then math, third period. Same stuff, same people. Fourth period was language arts. We were just organizing our poem stuff. Then lunch. I was hella making fun of Trung cos he got a haircut. I HATE HIM! He's a gay fag! Then fifth period, social science. It was hellla crazy. Me&Mathew were having an argument about Shaun. He said that he's so gay. Here's some of the argument:
Me:Shaun is NOT Gray!
Mathew: Shaun is HELLA Gray!
Me:Shaun is NOT Gray!
Mathew: Ima beat his @$
Me: No your not. Cause I will bite you
Mathew: Then me and chris will jump you.
Me: Why do you hate Shaun so much? Are you jealous of him?
Mathew: Why would I be jealous of a gay fag?
Me: Shaun is not gay and a fag! And yes you are jealous of him!
Mathew: Shaun is gay and a fag! And no I'm not.
Me: No he's not. And yeah you are.
It was crazy. We wasted about 5Papers just arguing. LOL. Then sixth period was PE. PE was okay. It was fucking hot though :| We played badminton. It was fun. Chantel was my partner. She's good. Haha, I got distracted too much. I was watching other people's game. Haha, but then sometimes when the birdie comes to me, its always by the light so I can't see it. That pissed me off. Then afterschoool, I was still making fun of Trung. Today was okay. No School tomorrow. Uggh, what to do tomorrow.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Franniee loves Shauniee(=!

Today was sooo gay! All I did was lay down on my bed and text! Ugh, I hate Sundays! They're so lame and boringgg! but the best part of today is that I've been texting Shaunniee allll day(:I'm so hungry. Shaun told me that Trung got a haircut. Maynee, can't wait to see him tomorrow! Imma be making fun of himm! And take a picture of him for Shaun. Haha. Trung is so gay. Uggh. Well tomorrow's school. So gladd. Tuesday we don't have school. Might go to the mall with J.G, S.O, R.B haha. Right now, I'm listening to 'Swagger Like Us' by T.I featuring Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne & MIA. Haha. And IMing Shaun. AND BLOGGING of coursee [:

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Great America(:

Oh my gosh, today was fricken fun(x I went to Great America with SHAUN INO, Sylvia Oh, Eunice Lee, & Francesca Deguzman. LOL, the three of them would always leave me and Shaun. Fricken bitches. We went on the Rip Roaring Rapids ride thingg, and we got hellllllllaaa soaked! We were hellla wet. LOL, and we took picture with Angelica, Tommy, & Squidward. Squidward's a perverrt!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday, Afterschool

LOL! Today was fun(; We had like a Battle of Sexes. Guess the song title and artist/group. Girls won (=! Then we played Musical Chairs, fucking Jeff. Ughh, LOL. Then after Musical Chairs I just hung out and yeah, yeah, yeah. And had a private conversation with Pacheco, Brian again. Then I went home, eat some food. Then now, I'm blogging. And I'm also on myspace. Blah.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sky High(:

Don't we all look beautiful(:?

Sylvia's a gay fag who took this picture. And I look like a fucking retard.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Oh gosh, tomorrow is TOM's birthday(: Haha, and tomorrow is also our feild trip to SJSU! Woot, haha. TODAY WAS HELLA BORING! All we did was sit, watch National Treasure, and do a whole bunch of crappy packets. Gosh, Monday's are always fucking gay.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm finally home(:

Yay, I'm home. I was with Sylvia, Janell, James, Steven, & Kevin. We walked to Yogurt Works. It was fun. I love yogurt(x Then we walked back to Janell's house. Ate some Lumpia. Yuumm. Then everyone else left. Except for Me&Sylvia. Then my mother picked me up and we went somewhere to eat. Some asian placee. It was fun. Tomorrow is school, BORING!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sleeepy 0.0

It's 11:41PM and I'm texting Andrey Hogle. Lala, I'm so sleepy and hungry. I want Ice Cweam. There's nothing to do but sleep sleep sleeeeeeeeeeep.