Friday, April 10, 2009

Todaay (=

It was okay. Blahblah, first period we had Ms. Lamb for sub, she's cool. Haha, I was eating my Fruit Roll Up in that class. We had to do a gay ngga shiet packet. Haha, then second period, all I did was make signs again. Well first I finished my cover page. Then signs. Then third period, all we did was gay bellwork, check homework and a gay quiz. Fricken CHRIS texted me and saying "What did you get for 10?" and other shiet like that. Then fourth period, we went to the library to watch some play bout the Civil War. Then after, the dude shot his musket thingy mablob in the air. IT WAS HELLA LOUD, and stinky. Then lunch. We ate Pizza. Yum, then fifth period, we did a fricken packet test thing. I just copied Aaron :D He's hella cool. Then I was mostly talking and copying. Then sixth period, we watch a BasketBall game. Students vs. Staffs. Dayum, Staffs won. Our BBall team hella sucks! Then afterschoool, I was beatin Trung up then we went to the teen center. Then we just sat there. Then we played Scavenger Hunt Musical Chairs. It was funny. All I needed was a fucking HAT! But they there were only THREE guys with hats. I was like "WHO HAS A FUCKING HAT!?!" then I lost. So sad. Then my hand started bleeding cos they said "A Toilet Paper" then I ran to the BRoom, got some ngga toilet paper and scratched my fucken hand hard. It started bleeding. Then after we just ate. Then walked to Janell's house. And ate Waffles & Fettuccine. Deeeng it was good. Then we walked back to the teen center and showed off my Easter Egg thingy from Julius. Haha, then I asked everyone if I was stupid, all the guys said YEAH!! then all the girls said NO. LOL, then yeah. My mother picked me up. Then went to Costco and I printed out the pictures with my friends from my phonne. So yeah. It was a long day.
Arright, Imma bounce, LATE!

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