Monday, April 06, 2009


Funny Shiett!
Franniee Loves Shaunniee (:

ME:Fucken Shaun better not fall asleep on me. Againnn
Sylvia: LOL
ME:Were stying up like till 1:30
Sylvia: Whatttt?
Sylvia: thats so late!
ME:Oh deeengg, did that sound wrong
ME: ?
Sylvia: LOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!111
Sylvia: Kindaaaa
Sylvia: AHahhahahha
ME: Why does everything we talk bout sound wrong!!!
Sylvia: IDK
Sylvia: cause its mant to be!
Sylvia: ment8
ME: Meant!

Shaun:I'll let you do it on Wednesday.
ME:Okay, I'll let you do mine.

Trung: Do you have a comb Frances?
ME: No, cos I hate you.
Trung: Ehh! Come on, I'll buy you a cookie!
ME: I don't want your stupid Cookie!
Mathew: That's so old Trung, nobody wants your damn cookie
Trung: I'll buy you Jemmba Juice!
ME: What the hell is a Jemmba Juice!?
Mathew: There's no such thing as a Jemmba Juice dumbass.

ME: I want M&M's
Vanessa: Then go buy some.
ME: I will!
Sylvia: Oh, get the ones with PEEEEENUTSS!
Vanessa: HAHA! Yeah, get the ones with Nuts.
Sylvia: And eat it while your thinking of him.

Me:Shaun is NOT Gray!
Mathew: Shaun is HELLA Gray!
Me:Shaun is NOT Gray!
Mathew: Ima beat his @$
Me: No your not. Cause I will bite you
Mathew: Then me and chris will jump you.
Me: Why do you hate Shaun so much? Are you jealous of him?
Mathew: Why would I be jealous of a gay fag?
Me: Shaun is not gay and a fag! And yes you are jealous of him!
Mathew: Shaun is gay and a fag! And no I'm not.
Me: No he's not. And yeah you are.

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