Monday, April 06, 2009


So today. It was okay.. First period was science. And we're doing a research about Astronomy. Then second period was publications. Ughh, I hate that class! But we got Powdered Donut Holes today. I only got 2. Fucking AJ and Lili are fucking fatasses and ate most of it. Then math, third period. Same stuff, same people. Fourth period was language arts. We were just organizing our poem stuff. Then lunch. I was hella making fun of Trung cos he got a haircut. I HATE HIM! He's a gay fag! Then fifth period, social science. It was hellla crazy. Me&Mathew were having an argument about Shaun. He said that he's so gay. Here's some of the argument:
Me:Shaun is NOT Gray!
Mathew: Shaun is HELLA Gray!
Me:Shaun is NOT Gray!
Mathew: Ima beat his @$
Me: No your not. Cause I will bite you
Mathew: Then me and chris will jump you.
Me: Why do you hate Shaun so much? Are you jealous of him?
Mathew: Why would I be jealous of a gay fag?
Me: Shaun is not gay and a fag! And yes you are jealous of him!
Mathew: Shaun is gay and a fag! And no I'm not.
Me: No he's not. And yeah you are.
It was crazy. We wasted about 5Papers just arguing. LOL. Then sixth period was PE. PE was okay. It was fucking hot though :| We played badminton. It was fun. Chantel was my partner. She's good. Haha, I got distracted too much. I was watching other people's game. Haha, but then sometimes when the birdie comes to me, its always by the light so I can't see it. That pissed me off. Then afterschoool, I was still making fun of Trung. Today was okay. No School tomorrow. Uggh, what to do tomorrow.

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