Wednesday, April 08, 2009

(: Todaaay!

Today was aiight. I got helllllllla mad today though. I hella beat up Trung today. Everyone pissed me off. Like hellaaa pissedd. I fucking hate most of the guys at my schooool :| They all wanna beat up Shaun for no reason. Their reason is "Cos he called Trung a fucken retard." That's soooo fucking retarded. Everyone calls him a fucken retard. Even the guys who wwants to beat Shaun up. They're hella over reacting. Like seriously. Chimichunga calmed me down. Anyways, a hugeee crowd of asian guys were following us cos they thought we were meeting Shaun. Then we called them Stalkers so they walked back. They're hella pissing me off. Fucking gay ass homos. Gawd, seriously, they have issues. They wanna beat up an innocent guy for no reason. NO FUCKEN GOOD REASON. Niggaas.

Anyways, when Shaun came, good thing Mathew left. Cos he's the only one who really wants to beat him up. Others are just trrynna back him up. And others just wanna watch. And others just wanna look fucking cool like fucken gayass Trung. Then when he came, we walked to Wienerschnitzel's. If that's how you spell it. Then we ate, and laugh. Then we walked back and sat there and talk and talk blah blah. And this Justin dude was like totally pressuring Shaun. Haha. Then that, he asked me out. Now we're going out (: And I'm not gonna let those bitches touch him. They're fags! Total fags. Shaun Ino is a Fine Ass Guy [=
Aiight, peace nggas.

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