Sunday, May 31, 2009


LOL, so yesterday I went to Great Mall with Sylvia, Janell, & Robert. LOL, It was hecka funnyy. I'm too lazy to be descriptive right naa. So just read my tumblr if you wanna know what happened. Haha.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Heeey, its Janell, cause Im hella cool
Friggin, Sylvia is retarted like fasho. And Mathew and Christian are like watching stupid videos. And The Teen Center crew are watching beat boxing and then Sylvia friggin tried to beat box. DUDE, I feel retarted Im like typing hella slow. Shieet nggga, I dnt know what Imma do tomorrow or the threeday weekend. BLAHBLAHBLAH, I wanna make this long just like the blog gah, but then the teen center is gonna close soon. Crap ohehmgee i dnt know what to type. Lets type up random stuff. Like today we talked and it was pretty cool. Shiet, Imma make a longer one some day, but Imma bounce, so peace out ngga


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today was fun. Great America with Sylvia, Linh, Vanessa, Francesca, & Suvada.

I have more pictures with Vanessa, mostly, but I'm just lazy to upload them.
Mmhm. Funfunfun. I'm hungry, bored, and tired.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fourteenth Birthday(:

Today's my birthday! I'm fouteen. LOL, today was okay. Janell came to my house and hung out then we picked up Sylvia at her house. Then we were off to Crazy Buffet. It was funny cos Janell&Sylvia tried to smash Pudding in my face. My Mom put fricken ice cream on my cheek! Wtheck! LOL, then we went to Morning Glory and bought my phone thingy. Then went to Janell's house for awhile. Then got picked up and went to the Mall. Pretty lame cos I didn't buy anything. I'll just buy clothes next week with Sylvia&Vanessa. And we'll take pictures. LOL, then we went to some Asian place and bought stuff. Then Taco Bell. LOL, then went home. Now I'm home. LOL, blahblah.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Week (:

Monday was ehh, okay. Nothing special. Boring!

Star Testing started. Ugh, it was okay. LOL. After school we ran to El Pollo Loco cos they gave away free chicken. LOL,

Star Testing. PE they made us walk the half mile. The fuck. LOL. After school, we picked up Shaun. it was funny because when we got there, no ones home. And 3MINS later, Him&His Mom comes. LOL. Then we walked at the bus stop and waited for like 30MINS cos we missed the other bus. LOL, then we went to Taco Bell, Me&Sylvia bought Crunchwrap with Tacos & Drink. We got BAJA BLAST MOUNTAIN DEW! It was good XD Then we made Shaun&Vanessa eat our tacos cos they never eat anything everytime we go walk somewhere to eat. LOL, my Crunchwrap got fucked up. LOL. Then we went to the Library and worked on our Science shit. I got bored. Shaun was bored so we left. Vanessa got picked up while the three of us took the bus. Shaun was just quietly sitting at the Bus Stop bench while me and Sylvia argue bout stupid random stuff. LOL. Then we all walked to the random spot where we were when it was raining. I wanted to leave Sylvia phoneless but we all got too busy talking. So yeah. Haha.

Nothing special. LOL, stayed at school. Got punched on my thigh by Mathew. Sylvia was freaking out cos Trung kept following her. We went to Janell's house. And I got picked up.

Uhh, pretty lame cos I had Doctor's Appointment. I weigh 96LBS. and my height is 5"3. Mhm, LOL. Then I got Yogurt Works! The El Pollo Loco. Lawls.

Daaamn, today was helllla fun nigga! First Sylvia came over. Then we hung out for a while. Then Janell came. We ate then hung out for a while. Then we all took off to the bus stop. Waited about 30MINS >:O! Then got to the Movies. Waited bout 20MINS until Brandon showed up. Then Raymond shows up. Then Me,Sylvia,Raymond,&Brandon walked to Micro Center then walked around and shit. When we went to the Apple Room thing, Raymond&Brandon ditched us! We were making videos with a Clouds & Roller Coaster background! Then we walked back to Jamba Juice and saw Christine & Vanessa (: Then we all bought our tickets. Then Tom shows up (= Then Shaun shows up. Then Linh showed up! Then Melvin shows up. LOL Last person to show up was Brian Pacheco! I carried a lot of stuff today. Ugh, then we all watched the movie, Obsessed. It was weird cos everyone kept looking at me and Shaun. Then when the part where Beyonce & the white chick were fighting, Tom was hella yelling. "GO BEYONCE!" "She did not just hit Beyonce!" and other stuff. LOL, then after the movie, we all stood by the bathroom then the security dude were hella eyeballing us. LOL, then he made us move in front. And still eyeballing us! Then all of the sudden he shows up and kicked us out. Stupid bitch. Then we all went to In N Out and we didn't eat. Only Christine, Vanessa, Linh, Brian, Brandon, Melvin, Tom, & Raymond. LOL, then fucken Sylvia 'CUPCAKED' me. She kinda failed cos she 'Cupcaked' my right cheek. Fricken Sylvia. Then after everyone was done eating they all sang! Ahh, I was hiding. LOL, then we all got outside and hung out there. Then all of the sudden, Sylvia starts screaming. Shaun 'Frosted' her nose (x then I tried to get revenge on Sylvia but then I just randomly 'Frosted' Tom on the cheek then it all started. Frosting Fight. LOL, Shaun got frosting on his black shirt. Deeng. LOL, then me&Sylvia walked/ran to In N Out to wash out our faces. Then yeah, everyone else was done 'Frosting' each other. Raymond left. Then Chrisitne & Melvin left. Fucking Brian broke the bowl thingy though. Stupid bitch. Then Janell was writing "S+F" on the floor then "S+T" then Sylvia started spitting on it. Then Janell ran to the light stuff and pretended to write "S+T" but she was actually writing "S+F" then Sylvia started freaking out. Then Janell ran to the other light thingy and wrote "S+T" then I was like "RUN JANELL!" then yeah. It was funny. Then picture times. Group Picture then they were all forcing me and Shaun to do this and that for the picture. Helllooo, were not the only couple 0.0 There's BRIAN&LINH too! Geeze. LOL, but we got some pretty cute and nice pictures. Then Tom left. Then Sylvia, then Shaun had to leave then Brian. So it was only Me,Janell,Vanessa,Brandon,Linh,&Francesca. We all walked to In N Out to eat my cake from Brian LOL, then we were all talking and stuff. Then Vanessa left. Then Me,Janell&Francesca got picked up. And we lefft Linh&Brandon. LOL, blaah. Now I'm home. LAME. TOMORROW is my BDAY(: Fourteen!
Aight, peace (: