Friday, May 22, 2009


Heeey, its Janell, cause Im hella cool
Friggin, Sylvia is retarted like fasho. And Mathew and Christian are like watching stupid videos. And The Teen Center crew are watching beat boxing and then Sylvia friggin tried to beat box. DUDE, I feel retarted Im like typing hella slow. Shieet nggga, I dnt know what Imma do tomorrow or the threeday weekend. BLAHBLAHBLAH, I wanna make this long just like the blog gah, but then the teen center is gonna close soon. Crap ohehmgee i dnt know what to type. Lets type up random stuff. Like today we talked and it was pretty cool. Shiet, Imma make a longer one some day, but Imma bounce, so peace out ngga


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