Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fourteenth Birthday(:

Today's my birthday! I'm fouteen. LOL, today was okay. Janell came to my house and hung out then we picked up Sylvia at her house. Then we were off to Crazy Buffet. It was funny cos Janell&Sylvia tried to smash Pudding in my face. My Mom put fricken ice cream on my cheek! Wtheck! LOL, then we went to Morning Glory and bought my phone thingy. Then went to Janell's house for awhile. Then got picked up and went to the Mall. Pretty lame cos I didn't buy anything. I'll just buy clothes next week with Sylvia&Vanessa. And we'll take pictures. LOL, then we went to some Asian place and bought stuff. Then Taco Bell. LOL, then went home. Now I'm home. LOL, blahblah.

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