Thursday, April 09, 2009

So today,

It was okay. First period we had to do some research bout Astronomy. Then Second period I barely did anything, so lame. Third period, its always the same. Same people, same stuff, same math shiet. B O R I N G ! ! LOL, fourth period we went to the compoopter lab. To type our poem shiett. Andrey and Mathew said that I talked too much. That I wouldn't stop. THAT'S A LIE!!! LMAO! Fifth period, same thing. Sixth period, we played Badminton. Haha, it was okay. I guess. Then afterschool we were just running around. I bought String Cheese and Rice Krispies. When I opened my Rice Krispies, I got attacked by fucken Brian, Anthony, and Melvin. Fatasses. Ughh. I barely had some. LOL, then we took hellla pictures. It was funn. Then we all hung out at the teen center. I was just making signs for people's binder. Then when they saw me making one, they were all like "OOOH, MAKE ME ONE!" So I made them one. LOL, then after we just talked blah blah. Then yeah. I'm kinda sad cos Shaun Ino is at Japan right now. So sad :| Anyways, tomorrow it Friday. Yeeeee! But Shaun is not gonna be there! :(
Aiiggghht, peace my niggas (:
-Frances <3

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