Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break (x

Blahblah. My spring break was pretty boring. April 11&12; Saturday&Sunday, all I did was stay home and do nothing. It was so boring. Then I went to some place. And I also watched THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR! LOL, I love Private and Mort! LOL, then Monday, I went to Sylvia's house! We playeed RockBand with my Band xp. Our band's name is WhatevsJoeMomma. LOL, it was pretty funny. Then we ate food. Linh and I made oatmeal. But my oatmeal was a failure DX Ahaha, if you wanna know what happend, read Janell's tumblr. LOL, then Tuesday, I stayed home again. Wednesday, Janell's house at 8:00AM. Then Sylvia came, we played Monopoly. Then it got boring. So we played UNO! I wonn! Then we cooked Corned Beef, Lumpia (: and some sausage thing. And Me and Sylvia cooked the rice. It turned out gooood! Then we ate. Then we played The Game Of Life. LOL, then we went to Chi's party. Yay, LOL. We just hung out there. They were arguing about stupid stuff. It was pretty funny. LOL. Then we ate cake. Roger caked Chi(: Hehehe. Then before Me and Sylvia left, we gave everyone a hug. LOL, Chi first, then Wing, then Melvino, then Jessica, then Janell, then Christine. Last was Roger, he gave me a really tight bearhug thingy. He was choking me too. Then he fell on Christine. Haha, then I got home. Lala, then Thursday, nothing, again. Just texted haha. Then Friday, I went to Great America with Sylvia, Eunice, and Melissa. Then we met up with Ceara and Linh. Then we went on the Rip Roaring Rapids ride, Melissa was the one who got hella soaked. I barely got soaked. Only my back was wet. Last time all of us got hella wet. LOL, then we met up with Melvin and Nick. Haha. It was funny. Then I went home. Ate foood. Go online. And yeeeah. LOL, then Saturday stayed home .____________. hella gay and boring. Then today, stayed home too. Watched The Penguins Of Madagascar and SpongeBob and other Nickelodeons shows. Then I was just texting Brian, Sylvia and Shaun (= Yay, Shaun is back! From Japan! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay xp What made my spring break hella lame was when Shaun wasn't here. Pretty lonely. And right now, I'm blogggging. Watching iCarly and texting Brian. LOL, ITS FUCKING HOT!!!!! I feel like jumping in a cooold pool! Deeeng, hella hot today!
Anyways, I have a picture of Mort. I really like Mort, hes so cute(; Haha, I love his Big Eyes and how he's so small and his funny voice. Well tomorrow we have school. Haha, what really brigthen my day was when Shaun texted me. LOL. Okay, imma go eat some pizzzza and watch tv now. LATEE!
-Frances xp

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